Workcamper Position Open

Workcamper Position Currently Open, illness in family Need a couple now. We are open year round. We are taking information to fill the position-With the option to extend year-round or longer if you wish. For those tired of moving around and want a position to settle down you may want to consider a long-term position. No tent, van or popup for the workcamper position. Prefer RV’s 37′ or less for the workcamper sites.
Site value $480.00 plus $50.00 off your electric each month = $530.00 value you receive and do not pay for.  Additional Salary $400.00 pay.  Total value = $930.00 per month.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for information we will need from you.  We would appreciate you sending photos of yourselves and both sides of your RV with a contact phone number.
If you are in the area you may stop by and check out the campground and meet with us. 
Phone: 573-785-1016 ask for Jean.

You are provided:   Pay and a Full Hook-Up RV site and amenities; Water, Sewer, Electric (30/50amp). We pay the first $50.00 of your electric each month. Free Wi-Fi, Free Cable TV plus $400.00 a month per couple.  Some people wish to volunteer others prefer pay, options are available.  We provide you with a cart, tools, and supplies as needed.  On duty about 15 days a month.  We also provide a 120 gallon LP tank if you wish to connect to it. We do not furnish propane, but get the best price possible for you.  Our Wi-Fi is free or you can have your own direct internet connection for a fee through a local company.

General Tasks, Maintenance and Cleaning:  Must have legible hand writing. You need to be “physically able to work”.  Help with customer service, registration, escorting RV’s, collecting fees, cleaning facilities, office, rv sites, hookups etc.  Pickup sticks, small limbs, rocks, keep tables, hookups, our LP tanks, trash bin, grounds, and roads clean and clear of debris, rocks, etc. as needed. Help with the everyday upkeep, tasks, and duties of running a campground.  The shower rooms close approximately the last of October till sometime in April.  Restrooms and laundry stay open year round.
Due to present day viruses the restrooms and showers maybe closed.

We are very laid back but prepared:  When you are scheduled to be on duty you are not physically working all the time. Sometimes, you can stay in your RV or sit outside and watch for customers to arrive, register and escort them to their site and return to your RV/site.  During our busier times you are required to stay in the office or if we have several RV’s scheduled to arrive on any date we expect you to be in the office on those dates. The time you are on duty we expect you to stay on the grounds and be prepared to register and escort customers and help with other campground duties as needed. Each morning a little paper work and cleaning takes place as needed. No computer skills required.  No pool to clean. No pet waste station to empty. No fire pits to clean.  No ground tents.  No cabins to clean. Other than that not much goes on.

Convenient:  Our location is just outside the city limits. This makes it convenient for everyone’s shopping, dining, and miscellaneous needs. Some food companies and grocery stores deliver to rv sites. There’s many; grocery stores, bakery‘s, restaurants, movie theaters, golf course, and good medical care. We have a large VA hospital John J Pershing for veterans and a large regular hospital. Scroll down to the bottom for a list of things to do in and around the area. Also click on other information at the top of this page for Cable TV listing, photos and more.

Schedule:  Will vary according to the number of workcampers we have.  You will have days on and off duty.  On duty usually about 15 days a month.  During holidays or special events we may be more busy than usual.  WINTER:  Schedules are more relaxed and workcampers have less to do. During the colder months it really slows down and many times you can stay in your RV or sit outside and watch for people to arrive, register and escort them to their site and return to your RV/site.  Sometimes during the hot months it will slow down also.  The days you are on duty you perform your daily tasks etc. and continue to be on call.  You are not physically working all the time.  You may be watching from your RV/site for guest to arrive.  Register them and escort them to their site.  We appreciate you being on the grounds should we need you.

Smoking, Pets and Site:   If you smoke there’s “no smoking in the office or facilities”.   Well behaved pets are allowed.   No barking, yapping pets allowed. This provides a more pleasant environment should a guest/customer approach a workcampers RV for information or assistance.  Breed restrictions apply. NO: Doberman, Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Chow, Wolf Hybrids, or any type of aggressive pets.  House pets only, keep on leash, use designated pet area, pickup after.  Your site is to be kept clean and clear of clutter. 

Appearance and Personality:    You represent us when you deal with our guest/customers.  Your appearance and personality is important.  Good personal hygiene required.  Have a well-groomed appearance and manner about yourself especially when working in the office, and have a good personality to deal with the public.

PHONES:  You will need working cell phones for communication purposes.

Unexpected Situations, Emergencies’ etc.:   If we have a storm, situation or an unexpected emergency or maintenance issues, we may need the assistance of “all workcampers” whether on or off duty to help in order to get the park or situation back in order.   

If interested in the workamper position Phone:  573-785-1016.  Ask for Jean
Scroll down for info we need from you, and scroll down more for a list of things to do in the area.
You will need your own self-contained RV unit.

Information we will need from you. Email photos and answers to us.
We would appreciate you sending photos of yourselves and “both sides” of your RV.
What could be your start date?
How long would you be willing to commit if all went well?

Contact cell phone number:
Mention Type of RV: motor home, travel trailer, or 5th wheel
Length of RV: 
How many slideouts:
Year of RV: 
Number of vehicles:  
Number of people:
Any extra motorized items:  motor cycle, 4 wheeler, golf cart, or other
Number of pets: 
Mention dog or cat. House pets only.
(some breed restrictions) No Doberman, Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Chow, Wolf Hybrids or any aggressive pets.

This is a beautiful Ozark area with forested hills.
Enjoy places to go and things to do in our town and area:
Food companies, grocery stores, and car rental deliver to your site
Nearby City Park with paved walking and running trails.
Wolf Creek Trail-Hiking & Bike trails in nearby National Forest 1/2 mi
Lake 18 miles
River 3 to 9 miles
Popular location for fishing, floating and canoeing in the area
Golf Course 18 hole in town
Coliseum with large indoor pool in town
Black River Coliseum has scheduled events
Rodgers Live Theater has scheduled events
8 Showplace Movie Theater
Many Restaurants: American cuisine, Chinese, Asian, Mexican, Italian, BBQ,
Pizza etc.
Many Fast Food chains.
Flea Markets and Antiques
Large Medical Hospital within 1 1/2 mile
Large VA Hospital for Veterans 4 miles
Local Municipal Airport 11 miles
Amtrak train station downtown
Large Historical Library
Court House
Please contact us if you need more information or wish to speak with us.